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    What can we do for you?

At CHS we sell Security, and the word Security is more than just a noun to us at Central Home Systems.

noun: security; plural noun: securities
the state of being free from danger or threat.

Our company doesn't cut corners and leave your system open to vulnerabilities that the larger security installers may leave behind.  Every job is important to us because it means YOUR SAFETY is Important to us.  We work with you to make a custom Installation plan that will fit your budget and give you the peace of mind you want.  

     We Provide a Safer Environment.

C.H.S  is a licensed dealer for both HONEYWELL and DSC which ensures that we have access to a library of some of the most high tech devices available today.  Wireless systems, remote connectivity, automation, restricted access, and other options are available.  We use dual path motion detectors with microwave and infrared sensors to reduce false alarms.  Cellular communication modules that cannot be disabled via cutting a phoneline or ethernet wire.  And automation modules that can dim lights, lock doors, and even warm up your room before you even get there!  The techniques and technology improve with each passing day and we strive to provide you with the latest and greatest.  But No two systems are alike, and we know you have questions.  Call us, text us, or email CHS and we can make any of your security goals a reality with careful planning and cutting edge tech that is just the right fit for you!

     What Makes Us Different?

   Protecting Your Investment

Glass Break and Shock Sensors

A device designed to detect the breaking of Glass Panes in windows, doors, blocks, and display cases.  Using a sophisticated mix of vibration sensors and a sensitive microphone to guard intrusion attempts through vulnerable glass.

Motion Detectors and Dual Tech Motion Detectors

A standard motion detector is know as a P.I.R which is an abbreviation for Passive, Infra, Red.  These sensors send out invisible beams of infrared light that when broken by an object or person will cause an alarm.  However these devices can be prone to some false alarms by pets, vermin, and weather fluctuations.  Dual path emitters use both the P.I.R technology and a Microwave emitter to detect the heat signature of the intruder BEFORE setting off an alarm.  Making them a solid choice for false alarm reduction.

Wireless Systems and Devices

The 21st century has brought so many advances in the field of radio transmission and the security industry has made heavy use of it. Wireless and cellular technology now makes troublesome areas or *zones* accessible by sensors once thought to be impossible.  These innovations include cellular uplinks wireless door contacts, keychain arming, and countless others.

CHS is a company that prides itself through our business being earned by word of mouth and not through aggressive advertising campaigns.  Each of our clients has been left with a positive experience not only in the design phase but also in our clean, finished, installations.  We will work with you through Polite and professional demeanor, answering any and all questions as simply and carefully as possible to ensure you know how each and every aspect of your system works.  And if needed we also provide tamper proof installations for your security system that eliminate any back-doors or system bypass methods should you require it. 

Remote Access and fast Technical support are just two of the extra features we can provide you with.  Using your Smartphone, Apple Device, Tablet, or Computer we can enable an internet portal that can control arm / disarm your security system from anywhere around the globe!  Never worry about going on vacation again or leaving your personal code with a friend or employee. Using the remote app gives you complete access and  total control of your business miles away.

Fast Service and Support. 

We are constantly on the move in the Columbus area, working in Bexley, Worthington, Gahanna, Pataskala, Pickerington, and Powell.  Chances are if you need help, we are usually only a few miles away.  And if we cannot provide you with adequate phone support we will gladly make time to schedule and service your equipment.  With the proper time to test it until both your standards and our own are met.

       Easy Access And Support

Fire Protection, Sirens & Indicators, Discreet Alarms

Fire Alarm systems are a big responsibility, and every business requires a custom solution to provide the maximum effect.  Carbon Dioxide detectors and smoke alarms come in a variety of shapes and technology.  Wireless Smoke alarms, Ductwork sensor devices, panic buttons, strobe lights and sirens are some of the few devices designed to keep you safe.  We even install and test silent alarm systems which may even save lives in the event of an armed robbery. 

Keypads For Every Installation.

Just the right keypad can make a difference in your ease of access and security.  Many models even feature touchscreen technology that can be heavily customized and even feature video input fromlocal security cameras. Heavy duty keypads for commercial buildings, discreet keypads to hide in an office, or a wireless system that can be installed virtually anywhere are just a few examples.  Let us help you find just the right control keypad to suit your needs.

       Upgrading Your Existing System

Everything changes and with technology improving, sooner or later even the top of the line models will become obsolete. Change is inevitable and we are prepared for the job. In our experience we have done many retrofit security installations from other security companies.  Even replacing some systems dating back to the late 80's.  Complicated automated systems, sub standard wiring, rodent or lightning damage, we have seen it all and we can get your existing system up to date quickly.  A brand new DSC or Honeywell panel will ensure your systems stability for many years to come with the warranty and service we provide should anything go awry.

Our standard practice at CHS is to leave our security systems and panels as easy to maintenance as we can.  We take notes, double check our connections and thoroughly test before we consider our installation completed.  So if you require another upgrade a few years down the road we can easily replace your components without the hassle of messy wiring and haphazard labeling.



       Quality Components from Trusted Vendors

A quality machine is always based on the sum of it's parts.  With the security industry this rule is even more important than ever.  One faulty smoke detector or malfunctioning alarm can cost you dearly when you need it most.  Which is why we are so proud to use the extensive product lines of DSCand Honeywell.

Both manufacturers feature decades of rigorous testing and development which have lead to the high standards they practice today.  As a security company we stand behind the products we install and our vendors stand with us.  Through advanced technical support, compatibility checks and patches they keep us on top of the latest advances in the security business.  Self testing sensors, smart and adaptable panel systems, ethernet, cellular and RF modules can make even the most difficult installations possible.  And with their support we have the confidence that your installation will be a solid security solution that is of the highest quality components, sensors, contacts, and controls.

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