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Central Home Systems is a small business located in Gahanna, OH with the privilege of serving the central Columbus area for well over a decade.  We have worked with some of the finest craftsman, tradesman and builders in central Ohio. And It is our accumulative knowledge of many trades that allow us to approach each installation with a unique point of view. 

Started in 2004 by Owner / CEO Kyle Innis, our Business has seen steady growth ever since as we have seen increased business more through referrals and word of mouth than any large advertising firms.  It is our reputation that has earned us the trust of many local businesses such as Recycling facilities, Large Farming Operations, Restaurants, Churches, Schools, and many more.  As CHS continues into the future we value each new client and the experiences we gain to prepare us to overcome any security challenge and lock out those would be criminals for good.  See for yourself, and ask us or any of our past clientele how we have served them.   We proudly stand behind our work and hope someday that one of our future referrals will be yours.

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Vandals of the 20th century are in abundance, and the unexpected loss of company property can cost thousands.  Those losses can cripple a starting company or create set-backs in big plans.   It is our personal mission to provide our clientele with a first line of defense to deter and prevent criminal activity.  From state of the art dual band motion detectors, to the hidden panic button.  CHS has the means to boost your loss prevention and lock down your business like never before.

DSC or Digital Security Controls

     A security company from Ontario Canada that has been in business since 1979.  Dsc acquired Sur-Guard, a rival company, and Italian Security Manufacturer Bentel in 1998.  Eventually the DSC group was acquired by the company of TYCO international and allowed it to grow under their name and branding.

     In the 21st century, DSC continues to innovate in the areas of superior security monitoring, Internet security communications and wireless security products. They design and manufacture security control panels, detection devices, communication products and structured cabling solutions and their products are in homes and businesses across the globe.

Honeywell Security Systems

     The Honeywell company began in 1885 when inventor Albert Butz patented the furnace regulator and alarm.  Afterwards they became a pioneer in the creation of furnace controls and automatic thermostat regulators.  

     In 1957 The company expended once more into the security alarm and fire prevention market.  With their innovations in fire safety and leading sensory equipment. Honeywell Products were even trusted by NASA to guide and protect the astronauts Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong to the moon in 1969.

Today, Honeywell continues to branch out and their products can be seen in homes and businesses throughout America.  Enabling people around the world to connect, communicate, and collaborate. And equipping their customers to be even more productive. With more than 127,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists, they truly have an unrelenting commitment to quality and delivering results in everything they make and do.


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